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Our core mission is to create a supportive ecosystem where women CEOs can amplify their leadership capabilities, share best practices, and collectively navigate the nuances of leadership.

We envision a future where women in CEO positions are not the exception but the norm, and where they continuously uplift each other to redefine the standards of leadership across the globe.


This forum is tailored for dynamic women holding or aspiring to CEO positions, who seek a platform that resonates with their experiences, challenges, and ambitions in the business and corporate landscape.

Members benefit from unparalleled networking opportunities, mentorship from seasoned leaders, access to resources tailored for women at the pinnacle of their professions, and forums to discuss and navigate unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles.

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The CEO Women Forum is a platform specially curated to bolster the aspirations and accomplishments of women entrepreneurs globally. It is a distinguished gathering of female leaders from the business and corporate world, designed to foster collaboration, share insights, and empower its members to achieve even greater heights.

The corporate world is a challenging arena, more so for women who often have to navigate systemic and societal biases on their way to the top. The narrative, however, is steadily changing. A crucial catalyst in this shift has been the mentorship provided by established women CEOs to their younger counterparts. Here’s a deep dive into the significance of such mentoring relationships and the profound impact they have on the next generation of female leaders.

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  • Local Challenges, Global Expertise: Address Africa-specific agricultural challenges while drawing upon global expertise and innovations.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Harness the collective power of CEOs to drive impactful change and shared growth.
  • Sustainable Futures: Prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring a balance between profitability and environmental responsibility.
  • Continuous Learning: Engage in knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, and seminars led by industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Exclusive Network: Gain access to a network of peers, industry experts, and potential partners dedicated to elevating Africa's agricultural landscape.

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At the crossroads of business and environmental pressures - lies the Agri CEO Forum (Africa). Beyond professional networking, this forum serves as a think tank, a hub for the brightest minds, and a dynamic round table where strategic and strategy conversations meet actionable solutions. 


Top-tier agricultural leaders converge to share insights, exchange solutions, forge partnerships, and carved out actionable roadmaps. Together, we face the challenges in the agricultural sector and contribute to redefine the contours of food production and food security across Africa . 

• Agri business directors/CEOs, owners and founders seeking to contribute and gain a clear vision and actionable strategy for their business.
• Agri businesses facing disruption in their industry and looking to reposition themselves effectively.
• Agri businesses wanting to ensure they are strategically positioned for growth.

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