What you will find in this program:

🔍 We start by clarifying the WINNING ASPIRATION of your management team, define what “winning” truly means for your company, and set the vision for success.

🌊 Dive deep into COMPETITIVE MARKET POSITIONING and explore the blue ocean of uncontested market space with our Customer-Competition Value Curve analysis.

🗺️ Navigate the path to your goals with a comprehensive BUSINESS MODEL ROADMAP and milestones, detailing how your business will evolve to thrive in the marketplace.

📍 Plot your journey with a detailed STRATEGY MAP, as we connect the dots. 

🚀 we end with am ACTION PLAN, ensuring everyone knows their role in achieving the objectives and milestones set forth.

Join us for a game-changing Strategic Mapping Workshop! and let's achieve those winning aspirations! 🌟

About :

Need an Executable Strategy for 2024? If you seek to develop a clear strategic blueprint and action plan for your business, this practical, interactive workshop is for you. The methods used in the workshop are not only time saving, but also provides a visual and easy to communicate competitive strategy and action plan.

• Business directors/CEOs, owners and founders seeking to gain a clear vision and actionable strategy for their business.
• Companies facing disruption in their industry and looking to reposition themselves effectively.
• Companies wanting to ensure they are strategically positioned for growth.


The workshop offers the application of tools and methods to masterfully craft an executable strategy.